Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How does your service work?

We simply visit you at your location, be it a school, nursing home, hospice, respite centre, or community group, and we bring state-of-the-art VR headsets and computers, allowing your group to experience the very best VR currently available. 

You can book by emailing or messaging us on our Facebook page.  

2.  How long are your sessions and how much do they cost?

For all of our social enterprise work we charge a total fee of £150 per hour to provide the very best VR experiences. This is capped at £500 per day.

Session length can be a minimum of an hour and a maximum of a day. We often visit clients on a weekly basis and offer reductions in our fee for longer bookings. 

Viarama is committed to making this wonderful technology available and accessible to as many people as possible, and as such if your organisation is unable to afford this we will do our best to work with you.

Please get in touch via email or Facebook where we will be happy to discus your needs and situation. 

3.  Is VR suitable for everyone?

VR is a powerful experience, and as we use only the best technology the VR we provide is even more impactful. As such, we have guidelines to prevent the experience of VR being in any way negative.

The youngest age we work with is eight, and we are also take a very sensitive and careful approach to working with people living with conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, autism, and associated syndromes. Due to this sensitive and caring approach we have had no serious issues whatsoever and we have worked with thousands of individuals to date. 

4,  What educational experiences can VR provide?

From an educational persepective VR is an incredible addition to the varied tools available to teachers. We tailor the experience we provide as much as possible to the needs of each school, class, and pupil.

Topics such as geography can be truly brought to life in VR as pupils are able to virtually travel to locations they would otherwise only imagine. We have taken pupils all around the world, inside the Egyptian pyramids, down into a tube station in London during the blitz, into the living room of a family before the attack at Pearl Harbour, and so much more. 

Imagine being able to be miniaturised and travel down an artery toward the heart to bring a biology lesson to life.

Imagine pupils holding a flaming torch up to Egyptian hieroglyphics to translate them before their very eyes in real time.

Imagine seeing the battle that pupils have been studying take place right in front of them.

Viarama makes all of these things and so much more possible.

5.  Is your service fully accessible?

Yes it is very important to Viarama that we are able to accomodate children and adults with all levels of physical ability. If our clients are not able to control the session themselves Viarama staff will do this on their behalf. 

6.  Are your experiences suitable for children?

Yes, we are very careful to allow children to access only universal games and experiences.

7.  Do you offer parties?

Yes, you can come to Viarama or you can hire Viarama to come to you.

8.  Do you offer workplace sessions, team building events, and corporate hire?

Yes we do, and our clients to date have thoroughly enjoyed these days. Please visit our facebook page to see….