Important Information. Please Read Before Booking…

1.  Is booking advised?

Yes, we recommend booking to avoid disappointment, you can book by emailing or messaging us on our Facebook page.  

2.  How long are your sessions and how much do they cost?

Sessions are as follows:

  • VRally car (five minute session) – £5
  • Introductory session (Approximately 7 mins) – £7.50
  • 30 minute session – £20.00
  • One hour session – £30.00

3.  Can we share sessions?

Yes, up to four people can share sessions of 30 minutes or more. If you have a large group booking please note we are not able to manage your time.

4,  What are your opening times?

At weekends and during school holidays (both Scotland and England) we are open from 11am to 6pm. Outside of these times we are available by booking only during weekdays.

5.  What ages can enjoy Viarama?

We can accommodate everyone from aged eight and above. 

6.  Are your experiences suitable for children?

Yes, we are very careful to allow children to access only universal games and experiences.

7.  Do you offer parties?

Yes, you can come to Viarama or you can hire Viarama to come to you.

8.  Do you offer workplace sessions, team building events, and corporate hire?

Yes we do, and our clients to date have thoroughly enjoyed these days. Please visit our facebook page to see….

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