Arguably the most important innovation since the Smartphone. Virtual Reality not only provides a source of fun and entertainment but it has also become a platform to explore science, nature, history, geography and so much more. Places previously uninhabitable can now be explored

Go deep inside the body to a cellular level; explore the Himalayas or the Grand Canyon. Time travel back to a prehistoric age or into the yet undiscovered possibilities of the future.

This is a memorable day out for all the family whatever your interests. Whether you are a serious gamer looking for the newest innovation and best technology to fully experience the best in gaming or a novelty day out for all the family, you will be at the cutting–edge of technology.

Immerse yourself in the unique world of Virtual Reality where you can experience the sights and sounds in a 360 degree environment which you control.

At Viarama users can buy introductory sessions of 7.5 minutes, as well as 30 minute, and 1 hour sessions to explore the most amazing virtual reality experiences and games currently available. Our introductory session is a great way to try VR for the first time and is the most affordable way to try out this amazing new technology. We recommend at least 30 minutes however for your first visit.

Viarama - Beyond Your Imagination